Friday, September 5, 2008

Turbocharged Gas powered skateboard

A gas powered skateboard is nice... but not nearly as nice as a turbocharged gas skateboard. The skateboard comes with a 52cc 2 cycle engine usually used on tiny underpowered scooters, which is not nearly as powerful as it should be. So of course I will need to increase the power.

Originally I was thinking about using a small supercharger for the skateboard, a supercharger would probably be easier to install in this application, no ducting needed for a total smaller and lighter package. Because they do not make superchargers small enough for a 52cc engine I would be using high flow chevy oil pump. Those gear pumps act in the same way as positive displacement roots pumps, and since there would be 2 cycle oil in the gasoline, lubrication wouldnt be an issue with the gear pump.

In the end i decided against a positive displacement blower for the skateboard because 2 cycle engines need something akin to backpressure to function properly unlike 4 cycle engines which works better without any backpressure. If i was using a lot of supercharged boost, the pressurized intake charge would just blow out the exhaust and i would need some type of exhaust restriction to prevent that from happening, even a standard 2 cycle exhaust waveguide/resonator would not be able to create enough pressure to keep the intake charge in the cylinder. So if i was gonna use the exhaust restriction method then might as well use a turbo to use up some of that exhaust pressure.

Which led me to the purchase of a Mitsubishi TD02 turbo off ebay.
Some people might be thinking, wait a second, 2 cycle engines dont have pressurized oil, how are you going to keep the bearings alive. Well sleeve bearings dont really need pressurized oil to function, of course having pressurized oil would be best but im not aiming for a 100,000mile before rebuild lifespan from this skateboard. Have you ever looked in a lawnmower engine or something like that? Those use splash lube for everythign and it runs fine. I will also be using heavy weight quality synthetic oil to keep the bearings alive, like 50+wt oil.

I might also be adding on nitrous oxide for added horsepower in the future if the turbo is not enough. But i would need to upgrade the engine internals before that.


don said...

Hey mad scientist,
I worship at the alter of the elegant two stroke pump. you will be interested in the bike and engine at the end of this link
This 50cc motor just propeled a man 145mph two weeks ago!
What do you think?

Anonymous said...

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