Sunday, February 7, 2010

Building a Model Engine of some sort....

Been looking around on the internet and see lots of people making small steam/air powered engines. Now I want to make an engine too... but maybe something a bit more useful and modular, something that I could convert into a gasoline engine (likely supercharged) or use as a high pressure air compressor if I wanted to.

So spent a few hours in autocad and came up with a hopefully easy to make first half of a conventional engine.

This engine has a 1.5in(38mm) bore and 1.5in(38mm) stroke. The most complicated thing to make here would be the cooling jacket which I wont even attempt until I convert my mill to CNC. Everything else is flat rectangles or circles, and using split copper tubing as sleeve bearings.

Finishing this as a high pressure multistage air compressor would be the easiest way to go as I will just need to use check valves between the cylinders.

For anything else I will need to use a camshaft to open and close valves which would be much more complicated, I still have not decided on where I should locate the camshaft. Flathead, pushrods, SOHC, DOHC... Slightly leaning toward SOHC as it seems like that would need the least amount of parts.


BMurray said...
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BMurray said...


I see where your going with this, and can sympathize with you on the structural design cues. May I suggest simplicity versus strength, when it comes to picking a powerplant.

If you have a chance, browse, and find a derelict Chevrolet, or Ford engine.
Something like a 281CI Ford 4.6L. Or a 350CI Chevrolet 5.7L. They are the easiest to gain technical experience from, and easiest to dissassemble, and put back together.

I say this with RELATIVE FURVOR being that I've almost completely taken apart my 2000 Ford Mustang GT 4.6L 2 valve.

I think that a plug and play bolt on supercharger as small as what your inital images show, would do wonders for a 4.6L, but your going to need a oil delivery system, and either a PULLEY, or GEAR drive. I would like to see someone develope a electromagnetic clutch gear driven system for a supercharger. That way, you can alternate between ON or OFF supercharging.

As far as the cooling issues with the cylinder head, bore passages near the apex of the walls between the cylinders. Alot of manufacturers use "D", or triangular passages, but that results in flow turbulance. I would suggest something OVAL.

Hope this helps.

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