Monday, February 21, 2011

Homemade Roots Blower: Almost done with the design

All i need to do now is print out the drawings and cut a prototype out of plastic or some type of hardwood.

I think my next few posts will be the drawings/blueprints of the individual components. 

If I make this out of wood I would probably just print out the drawing, glue it onto a block of wood and jigsaw out the profile of the part.

If I am to use this as a supercharger as originally planned, this would need to be made out of aluminum at least... as I'm sure gasoline and wood does not mix well especially if I am trying to keep close tolerances on the wood.


Ed V said...

That's cool, I have been drawing a roots supercharger as well. Although I'm using inventor, (I'm much better with inventor over autocad). My design has 2-lobe rotors, and yes they are drawn correctly (that took some time/figuring). I am almost done (I think, it always seems that way and then I find another feature to tweak, and work out the "bugs").
The next bug for me to work through is, bearing layout. I cannot find any sources that show how supercharger bearings are normally set up, but once I find out, I will reach another turning point (ordering bearings that fit- ).
Those are the last couple steps before I bring my finished design to my neighbor ,who works with CNC machines, to mill some parts out.

I like this thread, nice blog-
Ed V

Unknown said...

I've developed a similar supercharger Roots 2 lobes. I used a differente equations for the profile. if you want,I'll sent you some photos.

steve said...

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